Media based learning

The secret to success - Media-based learning combined with on-site lectures

Learning and education has changed significantly thanks to the emergence of new media and the opportunities this presents. Blended learning is a combination of traditional on-site lectures with electronic media-based learning. The on-site lectures are mixed together with media-based elements to help you achieve all your learning goals.

The teaching concept is divided into two methods for passing on knowledge:

  • 2/3 on-site lectures
  • 1/3 lectures using media-based learning formats

The media-based forms of learning are split into mandatory courses and optional preparation/advanced study. This mix of lessons represents the most diverse and successful form of learning. The concept guarantees a varied and interesting course and helps motivate participants through independent, guided learning.

The attractive design and straightforward use of our Learning Management System (LMS) VIVERSA allows students to quickly and easily find their own courses. The course contents are practically and clearly structured. The various offerings make learning an attractive and varied experience.

Each student receives all the course material in the form of physical folders. In addition, the material is available as PDF documents for download from our Document Management System (DMS). This allows student to work electronically while on the move and to supplement their course material with other documents and proposed solutions from the lessons themselves.

In addition to these documents, all participants receive a reading list from our experts containing suggestions for further independent study.