Our mission consists oft he following points:

Transformation of the expertise generated by EXPERTsuisse into practical benefits for a various target groups – members, the next generation of young professionals as well as key people in business, administration and politics

Encouraging the next generation of auditors, tax experts and fiduciary experts and integration of these newly trained experts into the organisation and activities of EXPERTsuisse ("acquire recent graduates as individual members")

Further development of the expert areas of accounting, auditing, tax and business consultancy by contributing towards sound decision making with regard to business, administration and political matters

Accompaniment of individual members in their training and professional career with support services (conferences/seminars, publications and job aids) on the basis of the sustained protection of the relevance and reputation of the profession

To support small, medium and large member companies in performance marketing (quality label "Member of EXPERTsuisse") and the delivery of services through a proactive, sound and future-oriented representation of interests