Professional training programmes

From apprenticeship to expert certificate - an education system

  • Apprenticeship
  • Fiduciary certificate
  • Master study course for a Swiss certified auditor
  • Master study course for a Swiss certified tax expert 
Starting 2018, the federal government will subsidise course fees for federal examinations
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Practice-oriented half- and full-day seminars - focussed learning

  • Continuing education programme (pdf download)
  • Continuing education programme online


Two-day study of current specialist topics - interdisciplinary networking in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Forum for SME auditors and consultants
  • Corporate tax law forum (review)


One-day exchange platform on forward-looking professional and industry topics - networking within EXPERTsuisse

  • EXPERTsuisse annual conference
  • EXPERTsuisse auditing conference
  • EXPERTsuisse tax conference
  • EXPERTsuisse fiduciary conference

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