the Swiss Expert Association for Audit, Tax and Fiduciary

Honouring our responsibility - EXPERTsuisse, the Swiss Expert Association for Audit, Tax and Fiduciary trains, supports and represents its Swiss certified experts. EXPERTsuisse has been honouring its responsibility in the economy, society and the political domain for more than 90 years.

EXPERTsuisse's membership includes some 6,000 Swiss certified auditors and tax and fiduciary experts as well as some 850 companies (with around 15,000 employees) managed by them. These members support companies that collectively generate well over two-thirds of Switzerland's economic output.


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I am a member of EXPERTsuisse because it gives me the best access to relevant knowledge.
Christian Beringer

We honour our responsibilities throughout Switzerland with 13 sections that provide direct access to local organisations, authorities and members. 

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EXPERTsuisse members guarantee the highest quality thanks to thorough training and continuing education.


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