A well-structured educational system

New entrants to the audit and consultancy industry have the unique opportunity to study an expert trade part-time while working and use this as the basis for their career and educational progression.

For young professionals, an expert diploma (as an auditor, tax expert or fiduciary expert) is an important foundation for their career. The numbers of new diploma holders each year show that the certified auditor route is the most popular higher professional qualification offered in Switzerland. Programmes to qualify as a certified tax expert and certified fiduciary expert also rank in the top 10 of the 100-plus such qualifications in the country. It has been known for decades that the audit and consulting profession attracts and educates people with high potential, turning them into high performers. Experts in auditing, tax and fiduciary matters are in demand not only within the sector, but also in business, administration and public policy.

Surveys show that the auditing and consulting industry is highly attractive, but that there are still gains to be made in attracting and encouraging female experts.

It appears especially important to adapt working models to each individual’s needs. EXPERTsuisse will continue to actively work on behalf of the auditing and consulting industry to preserve its attractiveness for the professionals of today and tomorrow.

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