Professional expertise

As the Swiss expert association for audit, taxes and fiduciary, EXPERTsuisse is not only an association for the industry and its professionals but also an association of specialists that yields benefits for the economy, financial market, public sector and political sphere.

Experts from our organisation contribute to a variety of specialist committees whose expert work goes into the formulation of positions considered in the political decision-making process as well as publications, professional pronouncements and other assistance to the profession. 

Specialist areas

Audit, tax, fiduciary


In a complex, dynamic and uncertain environment, audit plays a key role in the security of the economy. Audit builds trust among investors, clients, suppliers and the general public.

The main task of auditors is to examine and certify annual and consolidated financial statements that are prepared according with accounting standards. Thanks to their work, anyone reading a company’s financial statements can rest assured that its financial situation is represented in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and accounting standards. For investors, the auditor’s report represents a key basis for decision-making, not least because they do not have any right to inspect the company’s accounts themselves.

In addition, auditors perform special statutory audits in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations and other business audits and provide related services (e.g. in the area of due diligence).


Tax advisory is the provision of assistance to businesses in matters of tax law. It forms part of legal advisory. The associated services help uphold the tax law system, which is of great public importance. Day in and day out, tax experts deal with all manner of problems in relation to taxes on income, profits and capital, as well as indirect taxes. The provision of advisory services to legal entity and individuals in cross-cantonal and cross-border matters is also becoming increasingly important.

In practice, a tax expert’s role is not limited to solving tax problems: they must also tackle business and legal problems. Delivering the right tax advice requires knowledge of all key business areas, such as proper company financing, the valuation of individual assets on a balance sheet and company valuations.


In fiduciary and business consultancy, fiduciary experts are capable generalists who provide advice, in particular to private individuals and SMEs, on all business questions across the entire company lifecycle, from founding to liquidation. The main focus is on setting up and managing the financial accounting, including subledgers.

This is the information that is used to compile and evaluate the interim and annual financial statements.

Other activities include implementing accounting systems, supporting financial and investment planning, and advising on questions of financing. Fiduciary consulting can also involve advising on common tax topics and preparing tax returns, as well as comprehensive advice on common legal topics, such as matrimonial and estate law.

Through the varied activities they perform, fiduciary experts help build an atmosphere of trust among clients, public officials and third parties.

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