In its role as an association of experts, EXPERTsuisse makes a broad range of professional publications available. These publications help those working in the profession and other interested persons in their everyday work in audit, tax and fiduciary. Most of the publications are available in print and digital format.

EXPERTsuisse’s professional publications have become a reference in Switzerland and are now essential reading in various educational study programmes.

EXPERTsuisse’s publications are categorised as follows:

EXPERT FOCUS EXPERT FOCUS is the Swiss periodical for auditing, tax, accounting and business consulting.
Auditing standards Swiss Audit Standards assist in conducting mandatory audits, non-mandatory audits and all special statutory audits.
Auditing Practice Statement The Swiss Audit Notices explain EXPERTsuisse’s position on specific audit issues, generally as a supplement to the Swiss Audit Standards.
Accounting Pronouncement Swiss financial reporting position statements outline the opinion of EXPERTsuisse on issues relating to accounting and financial reporting and serve as a guide for members of the profession.
Manual of Auditing The Swiss Manual of Auditing is a reference work that serves as a tool for training and continuing education as well as in day-to-day practice.
Q&A Special professional information provided on an ad-hoc basis.
Publication series Under the EXPERTsuisse publication series, specialist publications by different authors are issued in the various disciplines represented by EXPERTsuisse.
SME Management Toolbox With the SME Management Toolbox, EXPERTsuisse is seeking to provide its members with food for thought, handy tools, and tips and tricks that will be useful in taking their businesses to the next level.
Other publications There are other professional publications in the areas of fiduciary, tax, auditing and accounting.
EXPERT INFO EXPERT INFO is a marketing instrument for member firms of EXPERTsuisse.


Member firms enjoy an e-flat rate on the core publications of EXPERTsuisse. In addition, member firms have the possibility to personalise for their businesses the Fiduciary Almanac – a practical reference work – and the EXPERT INFO client letter, which can be used for marketing purposes.