Umbrella organisation

EXPERTsuisse, the specialist association for auditing, taxes and fiduciary, trains, supports and represents its Swiss certified experts. EXPERTsuisse has been honouring its responsibility in the areas of the economy, society and politics for more than 90 years.

High relevance

Well over two-thirds of Switzerland's economic output is generated by companies for which our members work.

Large number and diversity of our members

Around 9,000 individuals from the fields of auditing, assurance and tax advisory are members of our organisation. In addition to the major accounting firms, our members include more than 800 small and medium-sized fiduciary companies. 80% of our member firms have ten or less than ten employees; 50% of our member companies have five or fewer employees.

Experts in the field

Our members are supported by our thorough research, whether in the form of up-to-date publications and work aids or of answers to individual questions that arise in everyday practice. In addition, all of our members have solid training and are committed to engaging in ongoing further education.

Close proximity

As a Swiss expert association, we honour our responsibilities throughout Switzerland. With 13 sections, we ensure direct lines between local associations, authorities and our members.

Honouring our responsibility

As a specialist association for auditing, taxes and fiduciary, it is our tenet to identify requirements and needs at an early stage and to actively contribute to a well-functioning economy.


Facts, figures and initiatives