EXPERTsuisse's membership includes some 8,000 Swiss certified auditors and tax and fiduciary experts as well as some 800 companies (with around 18,000 employees) managed by them. These members support companies that collectively generate well over two-thirds of Switzerland's economic output.

In addition to all major companies in the industry, we also represent numerous small and medium-sized enterprises. 80% of our member firms have ten or less than ten employees and 50% of our member companies have five or fewer employees. At EXPERTsuisse, it's quality, not size, that counts - honouring our responsibility.

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Seal of quality

EXPERTsuisse members stand for the highest quality thanks to thorough training and continuing education. EXPERTsuisse brings together Swiss-certified auditors, Swiss-certified tax experts and Swiss-certified fiduciary experts who are committed to providing a professional, reliable and high-quality service.

EXPERTsuisse members have to meet the high standards imposed for admission and constantly adhere to the strict requirements of the Code of Conduct and Professional Rules. Ordinary EXPERTsuisse members must be certified as auditors, tax experts or fiduciary experts or be admitted as certified auditors by the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority. Companies seeking to join EXPERTsuisse as member companies must first take out professional indemnity insurance.

Rules of professional conduct

Ordinary EXPERTsuisse members are subject to EXPERTsuisse's Code of Conduct and Professional Rules. The Code of Conduct and the Professional Rules contain ethical provisions, which it is intended members of the profession should observe and thus ensure that they perform their duties in a reliable and proper manner. They include, inter alia, provisions on due diligence and responsibility, confidentiality and independence. They also include principles on continuing professional development and the charging of fees.

There are also professional announcements applicable specifically to auditors' professional practices (company- and mandate-related audit standards). All auditors who are members of EXPERTsuisse must have a rigorous system of quality assurance in place.

Commitment to continuing professional development

To ensure consistently high standards of service, the individual members of EXPERTsuisse undertake to keep their skills and expertise up to date through continuing professional development (CPD). They record their own CPD activities in a personal user account on EXPERTsuisse’s online portal and submit an annual declaration on this. EXPERTsuisse uses this declaration to review their compliance with CPD requirements and may where necessary impose sanctions on members whose compliance is unsatisfactory.

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